Silvia Scolaro of Italy visits Daqingshan

by charlie gordon on 2010/06/24

silvya scolaro came to visit daqingshan for 2 days. she attended one of master chen’s workshops in italy, and is living in beijing teaching italian.

About charlie gordon

I started studying Chen Style Practical Method with Gordon Muir in Victoria in 2007. After attending a few workshops with Master Chen Zhonghua, in 2009 I decided to go to Daqingshan for 3 month full time training. After the summer I stayed in China another 6 months studying Mandarin and training with Master Sun Zhonghua in Beijing.

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Silvia June 25, 2010 at 4:17 pm

Thank you all! 感谢各位
I was really glad to be there and get to know all of you!The place was so beautiful!
I really had a good time! The food also so so so delicious! I was looking at the video of the breakfast in DaQingShan and was missing it! I was wondering…..can you do some take-away and delivery in Beijing??? will it be too far???
I wish I could have stayed longer! But I’ ll do my best to come again!:)


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