Daqingshan Introduction

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Daqingshan Mountain Resort is a Shandong Provincial forest park. It has a AA Federal Tourist designation. It is situated in the south eastern part of Shandong province and is 8 kilometers south of the Wulian Township. Qingdao is 160 kilometers to the east. The beach city of Rizhao is 50 kilometers to the south. North, it is 110 kilometers from Weifang.

The Daqingshan mountain range has an area of 38 square kilometers. It is composed of rocky granite peaks. The surface granite has eroded in such a way leaving a topsoil layer that allows for rich vegatation and agriculture.

The development of this area into a mountain resort started in 2000. The aim is to turn this pristine mountain range into a natural reserve for tourism, nature exploration, recreation, spa and conference center. Daqingshan has an area of 38 square kilometers with 36 peaks, 108 rock caves, 6 abysses, 3 valleys, 9 gullies, 4 platforms and 8 open areas. The area is famous for its charm, serenity, atypicalness and immensity. Qing Dynasty poet, Chen Yupeng, likened the beauty of Daqingshan to that of Wutai Mountain.

The “Ten Thousand Buddha Historical Site” in Daqingshan mountain consists of ancient great wall remains, site of an ancient village, Wan He Temple and Ancient Cypress Tree. The Suoyang Palace Caves include Dragon Ball Cave, Hidden Dragon Cave and Buddha’s Bead Cave.  “Yongcui Valley Exploration Area” has “Three Fold Waterfalls”, “The Abyss”, “Horse Stopping Cliff”, and “Immortal Ascension Bed”. “Dragon’s Autumn Valley” has waterways. “The Stone Cliff” area has a hundred acres of lawns.

Source: Encyclopedia of  Chinese Tourist Sites
March 2, 2006

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