Instructions of Postures 14-20 of Yilu Online Video Purchase

by webmaster on 2010/05/28

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By: Chen Zhonghua陈中华      Language: English英语     Length: 6:55 minutes分钟     Year: 2010年

This is a video clip of the instruction of the postures from #14 to #20  of the Yilu routine by Master Chen Zhonghua in May 2010 at a workshop in Montreal, Canada. The clip is 6:55 minutes long.

Postures 14-20 of Yilu Online Video
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Details below.

The postures taught are: 14. Cross Hands. 15. Fist Draping Over Body. 16. Lean With Back. 17. Fist Covering Hands Downwards. 18. Turn Left, Step Forward to Double Push Hands. 19. Change Palm Three Times. 20. Fist Under the Elbow.

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