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by Dave Dahms on 2008/08/05

Another observation I made is that pretty much everyone who has been doing taiji for sometime can tell you how taiji is supposed to be done and in most cases the things they say I don’t think are wrong but the problem I think is because everyone thinks that they are doing the concepts they talk about and that is why they are not doing them. They just think they are instead of looking at what is really going on and what is really going on is that they are not doing what they say they are doing. They are just fighting.

I think taiji should be as easy to learn as anything else because in other things you see the difference between you and an expert very easily. In taiji you see the difference between beginner and expert. In push hands so many people claim to be experts but they won’t push with you. If someone were to claim to be an expert hockey player and they can’t even skate everyone would know right away they are a fraud.

Basically Master Chen I have been thinking a lot and the more I think the more everything fits into my logic, and my logic is based off of what I see and to be true and in short the way I see it is almost everything is backwards.

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Chen Zhonghua August 5, 2008 at 6:00 pm

Do what you say you are doing is not easy. In fact it is not possible to achieve.

This separates the want-to-bes from the professionals. By professional I mean people who have been properly trained by a professional. These people exhibit qualities in their moves/actions that the self-taught people do not possess.

The professional was physically made to do certain things against their will. They therefore can do these things and might not be able to verbalize them or understand them.

The self-taught person knows what he is supposed to do and he can tell others what they are supposed to do. They themselves cannot do these things either. It takes a couple of days of reading to know what taiji is about. It takes dozens of years to be able to do it.

This is because Taiji action has to come from doing taiji, not reading or mentally understanding it. I cannot say the same about other physical arts. Many people tell me that if they understand why, they will be able to learn/do it better. There is nothing further from the truth than this assertion. In taiji, if you understand, you have failed already.

Understanding of taiji is an after-thought. Once you have gained the ability physically, then you can analyse what you do and try to understand it.

Same as what you have observed, David, everything is backwards: one thinks that one has to understand in order to learn taiji but in reality it is the one who can do taiji that understands it. If one already can do taiji, he/she does not need to understand it.


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