5 levels 1

by taibarb7 on 2018/12/28


I wonder if someone can help me out: all the videos carry a classification “x/5″

what exactly does “level x” mean?

I asked once but I forgot all except the first … grumble.

level 1 = structure (meaning the clip is mostly about structural issues)

Thanks in advance!

Hi everyone,

I’ve been looking up and down the webpage to find out what the following abbreviations mean. In words, at least :) )

LFSB – ?????

SWPE – sink waist press elbow

SYYZ (?) -?????


All come up in the New York 2018 workshop and the vid doesn’t talk about the remaining two. I GUESS SYY means “seperate yin and yang” but I am clueless about the “Z”

Can anyone help me out? And yeah, I am aware that the mere wording means nothing and I’ll probably not be closer to being able to do it than before but I am CURIOUS :)

Thanks in advance!