Here are some of my notes from this morning’s training on Daqingshan where Master Chen went over the two different types of movements in push hands:

  • An opponent can make “local” or “global” moves against you. Local moves involve only part of the body. Global moves involve the whole body.
  • We must learn to match an opponent’s local move with a global move, and vice versa.
  • In Practical Method, local and global moves are as follows:
    - Local = “rotations” occurring in the upper body
    - Global = “revolution” generated through stepping
  • No matter how large a movement is, if it doesn’t involve stepping, it is still a local move.

Hope these notes make sense without seeing what he was talking about. Happy training!

Da Qing Shan 11th October 2017

(Australian on the Mountain)

Points to Remember 3

by Gavin on 2017/10/07

This morning at training on the small square of Daqingshan, Master Chen had us all write down the following points to remember for push hands and when making contact with an opponent:

  • Hand must be fixed on opponent
  • Elbow must go down and horizontal (towards dantian).
  • Elbow cannot be lined up with hand. (Master Chen had to elaborate a little more on this one: “The elbow cannot push towards the hand. It moves inward towards dantian but the force generated lines up with the hand”).
  • Shoulder must go straight down
  • Front foot steps in, rear foot follows

If there was any more elaboration on these points, I missed it unfortunately, due to my lacking Chinese language skills, but I hope these points can help you in your training!

Daqingshan morning training 08/10/2017

(Australian on the mountain)