Chan Madhavi

October 26, 2019 Day 1 Training

Chen Style Taijiquan Seminar

Practical Method Basics & Sabre

Notes prepared by Chan Jadoonath


Learning from Master Chen is a unique experience. One of the most striking things he said during our first day was I give you instructions and you don’t follow it. I didn’t take notes. I made no recording. I took no photos. I cannot describe the form or the details of the foundation drills that we practised. Would I remember anything from the workshop far less follow it? At the end as we were saying goodbye I asked his advice. He said write about the workshop.

 I am a complete beginner. I know nothing about tai chi, the culture, the history … so attempting to write is difficult. Whatever I say will be my memory, my interpretation and may not be what Master Chen actually taught. But he knew all that when he said it. Even if writing felt illogical and impractical to me I decided to still follow his suggestion. There is no point asking for advice and not following it.

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