Attempt to Conform the Form to the Law.

by 胡歌 on 2017/04/19

Toronto Two Person posture

Still looking for the line, working to enact the rules.

The form(s) we train, Yilu, Erlu, the Jian, and so on, are training tools. They teach us various physical technologies. For example, Yilu teaches us how to create a t-bar in our body and how to move it using the outer ends of the “T”. Yilu also teaches us how to fix non-moving points so that we can create the inch-worm movement. We use Yilu and the other forms to train our body, which is to effect a change in our body. The implication being that our shape or condition is not on the mark.
The forms are not for demonstration. Do not make your form look good. Make your form conform to the rules of Practical Method. Lock the front knee in space, elbows in, shoulders down, ming men full, kua open. The forms are not for demonstration. Do not make your form look good.
We cannot hit the ideal form. Remove that idea from your mind. Train to point yourself closer and closer to the ideal and work consistently, so that, millimetre by millimetre, you advance towards that ideal.
The form is intended for [private] training. The form was never intended for public performance. If you do public performance of the form, never forget that you are simply demonstrating a training method – not a finished product! The form is a training method like push ups, stretches, deadlifts, sprints. Perform it well – by following the rules of Practical Method – and have no concern for aesthetics, which will vary based on the observer, cannot be controlled, and are irrelevant to your training.
The form is not an opportunity to hide, it is precisely designed to unmask your flaws. Do not make your form look good.
The form precisely illuminates your requirements for training you up to the next level. If you are making your form look good you are doing something wrong.
Master Chen will let us know if we are on or off or near the mark for the standard at our level.
Keep training and keep working with this – as yet – unformed clay!


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