True Intention

by 胡歌 on 2017/04/06


water has intention

The water has true intent.

“The real intention is without intention.”
Chen Zhonghua

When you make a machine, the machine can only do what it was made for.
If there is a slope and a ball at the top, the ball will roll down. That is intention. There is no thinking, there is no imagination. There is no choice. The only thing that can happen, happens.

Humans are backwards. In other words, humans will do everything but what they were made for. We have a myriad of methods that we use to avoid doing the one thing we must do to develop and learn.

In taiji, we are training to make our body like a true machine again. It can only do what it can do. There is no choice, no alternative. You either do it or break doing it.

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Practicing Yilu, over and over. Sometimes Erlu.

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John Upshaw April 7, 2017 at 6:12 am

“The principle applies to the one thing you are working on.” ~CZH~
The reprogramming of our bodies and neurological system requires a multitude of repetition. All of this reprogramming takes place in foundations, yilu and erlu as Hugo mentioned. Furthermore, ongoing objective feedback is required that the one principle we are working on adheres to that principle…as our minds can not be trusted…always assume you are not doing it correctly…


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