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by 胡歌 on 2014/12/10



I always feel happy after I train with my TaiJi brothers, and today was no exception (full house – Allan, Kelvin, Brennan and the unfortunate one). We also had the pleasure of a virtual guest semi-appearance by John, hailing from the midwest of US.
Our training started off with YiLu, followed by, for the first time in a while, free tuishou. It was interesting watching everyone – we wrestle a lot less and work a lot more on recognizing the clash, fixing dots, and trying to add a second power as we struggle to maintain the first.
Training as a consolidated team has many benefits. A major benefit is that, as we learn about each other’s strengths, weaknesses and goals, our feedback to each other becomes more relevant and based much more on accurate and better-proportioned observations.
Some feedback for today:

  • Kelvin: at some point, your skeleton must be what is holding you up, not muscular exertion.
  • Brennan: timing – place yourself first, get through the gate first.
  • Allan: keep your spine erect, stop. leaning. forward.


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