At the 2008 Hunyuan World Seminiars in GA, USA, I spent several hours one night after the evening class to work with several disciples on taiji fighting.

I will not go into details of what we did, as there is no way to explain it with simple words. We didn’t make any videos of the session either. What I want to discuss here is some of the comments from students. These comments or questions are as a result of the fact that what we did did not APPEAR to be taiji.

  1. It’s almost the same as praying mantis.
  2. It’s the same as karate.
  3. Is taiji this fast?
  4. Master Chen, you kick is so fast we cannot even respond to it.

As a matter of fact, real taiji IS a martial art. It does not resemble that taiji that we see practiced and taught today. What we normally see is the training set or method of taijiquan. Here is a video clip of a simple teaching session with some applications.

Here is another youtube video that has some elementary fighting techniques.