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During the Toronto workshop today, Master Chen asked me to write about taking the group photo before we start the activities for the day from now on.

Getting to the workshop location and depart for the airport are the responsibility of the participants.

Some organizers arrange airport pick-ups while others do not. Check the workshop detailed information page for further information or you can contact the workshop organizer for details.

Meals at workshop i

by fulltime on 2010/03/20

There are no restrictions for meal at workshops. Normally some participants will go for a quick lunch as a group. Whenever Master Chen is present, students are expected to chip  a dollar or two to cover his meal.

There is normally a Sat. evening dinner. This is more formal dinner. Students also contribute to Master Chen’s dinner expense. It is expected that nothing fancy or costly will be ordered.

  1. No video taping except by permission from the host. Read more

Participants are not allowed to make any promotions at the workshops. Anything of this nature must go through the host.

Absolutely! You can email him at
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I do not have a local instructor. Can I really learn the Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method system based on workshops alone?

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Workshop checklist i

by fulltime on 2010/03/20

So you want to attend one of Master Chen Zhonghua’s workshops! Here is a checklist to help you gain maximum bang for your buck! Read more

I will offer a list of things you need to look after before you attend a workshop to learn Taiji. Read more