Knowledge : Words and terms can actually help you learn.

These terms in this category will help you understand the instructions and theory better in learning Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method.

Video on the difference of Rotation and Revolution movement in Practical Method system.

Jiaobiejin, pronounced as cheobiejin, is a special characteristic of the Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method system. Read more

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    Zheng Quan  正圈 Read more

For a person to function normally, the body and the mind must work together seamlessly. In taijiquan, this state of being is called the harmony of the body and the mind. It is also called the union of the body and the mind.

In terms of yin yang theory in taijiquan, body and mind are the opposite. They don’t always harmonize in many activities. The body mind connection becomes more and more distant as humans age. The practice of taijiquan, is said to help rebuild the body and mind connection for many people.

lilia KelIn taijiquan, we have a saying “Both hands and the heart are forgotten”, and “The body and mind are harmonized as one”. To be more direct, we say that the learning and the using are the same. Both Grandmasters Chen Fake and Hong Junsheng  said, “Practice the way you would use it”. One who can achieve this level of ability is certainly a skilled person. It is unfortunately too difficult to reach this level. Read more

Taiji can certainly be considered a form of specialized technology, and like any specialized technology, this requires special language.

That language is something we have to be very careful of because, in many cases, a word with a ‘common’ meaning often has a special, more extensive, or more precise meaning than the one we would normally attribute to it.



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