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Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method classes in Germany

basic_1For more than a year now, Sven Gusowski from Practical Method-Berlin visits us each monday at our office at Freie Universität Berlin (FU Berlin) to do fifteen minutes of basic foundations exercises. We basically do variations of the positive circle and learn movements that can be easily repeated at home or anywhere.
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15 years back…

luckyMeIn 2003 I moved to Berlin and started practising Taijiquan when meeting Veit Voigt who taught Wu Style Taijiquan, which he learned from Master Ma Jiangbao. In 2005 I changed to Chen Style Taijiquan, as I had been introduced to Juergen Herkt, who taught the ‘Lao Jia Yi Lu’ by Master Chen Xiaowang. Juergen Herkt died in 2009. Then, I was by myself for one year without someone guiding my training.

In 2010 my attention was brought to Michael Winkler. At that time he was just about to change his training entirely to Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method as taught by Master Chen Zhonghua. Throughout the years, Michael Winkler had been able to host Master Chen Zhonghua in Berlin once a year for workshops and private trainings which I joined, and I also took part in a summer camp in Italy with Master Chen Zhonghua in 2012.
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“…You also need
To have good friends
With friends
You can help each other…”
- Hong Junsheng, from Learning


We are glad to announce that the second European Practical Method Meet-up will take place in
Berlin on the first weekend of March 2018 (3rd & 4th).
Please let us know if you’re coming, as soon as possible (deadline January the 8th), so we can book
an appropriate training hall and organize a daily schedule.
The event is free, but there will be costs to share for the hall. The sooner you register the sooner we
can book, the cheaper it gets.
Registration is done simply by emailing us to practicalmethod.europe@gmail.com
If you are not from Europe you can join anyway, of course :-)
This get-together is for all PM practitioners. It is not a workshop, but rather a training together to
exchange our experiences.
So there will be no teaching for beginners. That means you should know at least
the first 13 moves and the core foundations. You can struggle through the rest of the Yilu with us.
If you need more information feel free to ask us (practicalmethod.europe@gmail.com)









OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow you can sign up for the next Berlin Workshop.

More information and application form here:


DQS 2015 - Practical Method Germany 2Since Aug, 1st we are here on Daqingshan for Fulltime Training with Master Chen and all fellow students and disciples. Below some more pictures of these days.

We had plenty of opportunities  to improve our Taiji, there were lots of lessons with Master Chen, sceduled ones but also the “little things” in between – just as I was used to experience it on DQS. Very nice, that though the whole thing here is getting bigger, the main spirit did stay the same. Read more




Berlin-Workshop_Chen-ZhonghuaDetails and sign up here:

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Workshop_MichaelWinklerIntroduction to “Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method” in Berlin

Host: Technical University Berlin (Hochschulsport)
Referent: Michael Winkler, disciple of Master Chen Zhonghua
Time: Okt 18th & 19th (Sat,Sun), 10:00-15:00 each day
Content: foundations, first moves of the yilu, some partner exercises, basic theory

Details and link to sign up: ... here


Three weeks ago we did arrive on Daqingshan with our little boy. We’re going to stay for 6 weeks, so now’s half time. So far we can say everything worked out very good, the Chinese are all pretty crazy about little Lukas, which very often give us a little more freedom to train – and that’s what we actually came for. So far with quite success. Read more

Pictures of last weeks workshop with Master Chen Zhonghua. Again it was a pure inspiration – Thank’s to Master Chen, we did benefit a lot!

All comments are welcome:

You can also see this video here (useful from within China, no YouTube stream):

I will hold another beginners workshop in Berlin just before the workshop with Master Chen Zhonghua.
It is hosted by the Technical University, fee is just 44,- €  for externals!
Date & Time: May 3./4., 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
Place: TU-Berlin, adress & map see …here
Sign up … here  after April 1, or email to: mail[at]practicalmethod.de
Further information … here

Students Yilu i

by Michael Winkler on 2014/03/16

Here’s Alex, one of my students, after one year training. All comments are welcome:

Workshop_Chen-Taijiquan-Chen-ZhonghuaWorkshop with Master Chen Zhonghua in Berlin, Germany on May 6 – May 8 (Tue-Thu).

Public Workshop: 9:00-12:00 am
Private for disciples & teachers: 2:00-5:00 pm

Details and application … here.

Hi everybody,
When I recorded this form I was going through my recent Yilu Correction Video by Master Chen only for the first part of Yilu. Actually I wanted to wait for some 100 yilus more before uploading a rec again, but I didn’t have much time to practice recently and the weather was too nice to miss it ;-) .
Please feel free to comment, all feedback is welcome.

Beginners workshop & class in Berlin

October 5, 2013

Hosted by University, very inexpensive and good for beginners: by Michael Winkler, contact: mail@practicalmethod.de 1. new weekly class, starts Jan, 1st., Wed 8:00 am to 9:30 pm Info & sighn up … here (german site of TU Berlin) 2. Workshop Okt 12.-13. (Sat-Sun) 10:00 am to 3:00 pm Infos & sighn up … here  

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A Berlin Group Yilu

June 24, 2013

This video can also be viewed on my webpage here (no YouTube stream): http://www.practicalmethod.de/de/videos/taijiquan/taolu-die-formen/video/54

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Upcoming Workshops 2013 in Berlin July 29, Oct 12

June 10, 2013

Details and registration forms are now available also in English language on my website. Here the links: 1. Workshop with Master Chen Zhonghua:  July, 29. – 31. … details here … registration here 2. Introduction to Practical Method by Michael Winkler:   Okt, 12.-13. … details and link to registration here

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Practical Method Workshop for beginners in Berlin

January 22, 2013

Michael Winkler will hold a workshop on Feb 02. / 03. in Berlin. It is hosted by the university and it is very affordable. Price for non-students € 40,-. More information and booking … here. (German language) In case you can also conact me directly: Michael Winkler info@taiji-shiatsu.de

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2012 Berlin Open House

June 19, 2012

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Question to “detailed instructions”

May 18, 2012

Hi everybody, In the video “detailed instructions” minute 29:50, Master Chen Zhonghua is explaining  a step. Does anyone know how to practice it? Should I  practice the separation version first? Because, when I step in, there is no dissynchronisation. Thanks a lot from Germany Sarah

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New Practical Method Class in Munich

May 15, 2012

Workshop:  Friday, 22nd June 6-9 pm Introduction: Tuesday, June 26th 2012 8-9:30 pm Regular weekly class starting July 3rd, Tuesdays 7pm-9pm: Foundations and Yilu Further information  

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Workshop & training with Master Chen Zhonghua in Berlin

April 14, 2012

Hello Taiji – people! With a few other people, there are also going to the mountain this year, I joined the private training in Berlin. We trained in a very friendly, warm atmosphere and done a lot of push-hands. It was really helpful to learn more about, especially when you have the possibility to do [...]

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Three days with Master Chen Zhonghua in Berlin

April 5, 2012

Hi my name is Sarah and I`m learning Chen Taijiquan – Practical Method – now for 13 months. Last week I had the pleasure to meet Master Chen Zonghua for the first time. I was a bit nervous the day before but actually it was not neccessary, Master Chen Zhonghua turned out to be a [...]

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Latest Yilus from Berlin

March 20, 2012

Hi there, here are our latest recodings, first 4 of my students. All of them will go to DQS this year: And here’s my latest. All comments are welcome.

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Feb 11./12. Berlin: Workshop Yilu & Applications

February 6, 2012

by Pavel Codl (Prague) and Michael Winkler (Berlin) still capacities left! Get the Flash Player to see this player.

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Private Training in Edmonton

December 8, 2011

Hello everybody, I came all the way from Berlin to Edmonton these days to spend some time with Master Chen Zhonghua to train. I need to say that I’m very happy to have the opportunity to do this. It is very beneficial. So to me the main benefit is to have so much

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Workshop and Training-camp in Berlin

August 22, 2011
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Goodbye Italy and Goodbye Joseph!

April 11, 2011

After having 11 very good and intense days together with Master Chen Zhongua, my friend Hendrik Brück and Pavel Codl I finally arrived back home in Berlin.

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Munich 2011 Tour Photos

April 4, 2011

Thank you Michael Winkler, Henrik Bruck, Pavel Codl for making my stay in Munich so pleasant.

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Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method – classes in Berlin

October 19, 2010
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