Paddy Hanratty

Just got back from my third visit to DaQingShan. As always, it was a wonderful experience, despite recurring pain from an injury prior to leaving Canada.


View of the two Taiji Squares from the hill leading up to the Pagoda

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Toronto October, 2015 Workshop

TO15 - 85Normally I take notes at workshops, but at this workshop I decided that it might be a good idea not to, my logic being that other people take better notes than me and then post them on “Don’t Move”. I was ignoring the fact that notes are often a record of specific details that have a particular resonance because of where an individual happens to be in their practice at that particular time. Toward the end of the workshop it began to dawn on me that I had made a mistake, and when Kelvin asked me to write an account, I cringed at the irony that this would have to be the one time when he asked me to do so.

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