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Just recently we had the honor to serve as a story in one magazine in China “Women of China”. They have a print version beside their online platform at www.womenofchina.com.cn.

Here the two pages, thanks to Sarah Wang for the allowance to publish it.

At this point I also want to remind on our living project on the mountain. We still need some people who might be interested. Within the next season there are some candidates among our full-time students already. We are looking forward. All related information can be found   … here

So here the article:

Asking the difference between external and internal martial arts, today Master Chen Zhonghua put it this way:

“External styles use brute force, internal styles use manipulation.”


Daqinghan on 2017-01-27 / 28

We had the honor to spend the last days together with Master Chen Zhonghua and a small group of other dedicated students. Chinese New Year, people also call it “The Spring Festival”,  is the most important Chinese festival. Usually people spend it with the closest members of their families. But as our Masters family is Canadian we had the great opportunity to be together with him for this special day. Read more

Hello everybody,

It’s the first time now that I am on Daqingshan in January, and I have to say that it is really enjoyable. Read more

Read more


Trains and flights within China can be booked via internet on these platforms. They also have apps for mobile devices:


Places from where our drivers can pick you up are following. The prices are for one car going, it might be shared with others.

- Qingdao airport pick up is US$100.00
- Rizhao airport pickup US$40.00
- Weifang train station pick up is US$70.00
- Wulian train or bus station pick up is US$10.00.


Usually the procedure is always the same: You need our invitation letter plus the hotel reservation, with this you go to the China Visa Center, and a few days later you can pick up the visa. Common maximum is 3 month study-visa, this may be extended for 1 more month when you are in China.
But sometimes also longer periods may be issued. The longest is 1 year, when you have a job in China.

Next year with the opening of the school in Wulian we will have several job opportunities. For details get in touch with me via:  mail (at) practicalmethod (dot) de.


Hey Guys, actually you can buy nearly everything in China. We first came here with three packages of diaper and then found out, that you can buy them in every supermarket to nearly the same price like in our country (Germany) :)

Hard to get is coffee and cheese. But if you really need something for your “survival”, you can get really everything online  on www.taobao.com. This is pretty much like amazon in the west. Somethings are more expensive then in our home countries, because they have to be imported (chocolate, bio-baby food etc.).

A hint for using the search field of taobao: try to translate to Chinese first, then enter the Chinese characters. Taobao also can deal with lot’s of English terms, but the price range is quite large and very likely you get much better deals when entering Chinese.