Carlotta Viviani

Through the years, in Practical Method I‘ve heard the word power associated, as different aspects of the same power, to words like: Structure, length, space, accuracy, rhythm.

The Lesson today was about Rhythm or Sequence of movements: there are very few people who cannot remember the choreography. But we all are at different levels of managing the rhythm. When your movement are totally disconnected, you will be very efficient in applications and push hands Read more

John Upshaw

  • Fist Protecting Heart to Tornado Kick. Too big. Before the turn, you have to come back into the core
  • Small Catching and Hitting. Rotating from the core (in and out)
  • Drop the Hands (before Embrace the Head to push the Mountain). This move is a cross between Six Sealing and Four Closing and Punch Covering Hand Read more
  • Missing one step. Do not miss any step: 1) in with elbow, 2) turn with the waist. Do not combine. Follow the steps. Follow the procedure. Follow the instruction

Today several students received partial Yilu corrections. Form corrections are always foundational.

Jacek Wolochowski

  • We have to keep in mind one thing: Master Chen only pick up universal things. He chooses one person and corrects his/her move, but everybody is doing the same mistake
  • We continued with Knee up and down (Xi Zou Shang Xia)
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  • After learning the choreography the next step is to reach the extreme. Stance and size must become very big
  • We have to learn to lock one place. This will force other parts of the body to continue the move. Restriction is a way to train the entire body Read more
  • Arm: don’t stretch out fully. The elbow must be bent
  • Power should come from the kua, not from the shoulder
  • The stretch must start from inside

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  • At the beginning we repeated the move we were training on 2.11.2020: Lock hand and shoulder on the same line. Move the elbow upward toward the hand/shoulder line
  • This move is the foundation. The power comes indirectly. Only this way we can cause a bounce
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I remember reading this story in Italian a few years ago. I found this translation on Internet; hope you enjoy it! Read more

Exercise: From Six sealing and four closing position

  • Lock the two ends: Hand and Shoulder on the same line. Move the middle: Elbow
  • The elbow is placed down. It has to move upward towards the hand-shoulder line
  • Elbow and kua move upwards
  • Intention is how you lead the action
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  • The learning ratio is strange. Many years of hard work (5 till 10 years) without results. But once you understand the rotation, within 3 months every move of the Yilu starts to make sense

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Using Six Sealing and Four Closing to focus on Conversion: Converting a vertical rotation to a horizontal rotation

  • You should not exist. Just a pure rotation
  • Torso rotation. The arms are not moving
  • At the beginning the hand is facing 45 degrees downwards
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