Liu Yuxin

Naomi Ishii Resume i

by Liu Yuxin on 2020/07/26

Start learning first Practical Method form in Jan 2020.(Foundations from October 2019)
47 years old, Japanese, Living with Kiwi husband and 2 kids in Arrowtown New Zealand last 20 years.
4 years ago I started learning Yang style Tai Chi at local class, as I felt a Qi strongly and looking for the way to introduce it to my family.
I like been in the high alpine in 4 season, surfing and sailing in the sea with the family.

Sandy Kong Resume i

by Liu Yuxin on 2020/07/24

Sandy Kong
Age 49

Started Practical Method 11 months ago
Tai Chi for 10 months before that
And chi gong for 1 year when I was 36

Mike Menzies Resume 2

by Liu Yuxin on 2020/07/24

Michael Roger Menzies. Age 76. Queenstown. Have practiced Practical Method for 9 months. Before Practical Method practiced Yang Style for 10 months. Total Tai Chi experience 19 months starting January 2019.

Mary Jowett Resume 1

by Liu Yuxin on 2020/07/24

My name is Mary Jowett. I’m in my early 50′s and I live in Queenstown, New Zealand. I’ve been practicing Practical Method for 4 months with no previous Taiji experience.

Born in Lower Hutt, Wellington. Currently living in Queenstown. Age range:45-50.

Started Practical Method October 2019, love it (but not good at it! find it challenging for my brain and body -which is awesome!) have never done any martial arts or Taiji before (wish i had tho!) I do a bit of skiing, mountain biking, swimming, the odd jog like to be active (when i get round to it!)