Notes from Students in Phoenix, April

by pingwei on 2020/06/11

Original student notes from my classes. Not edited.

Adarsh, April 22:

Notes April 22
1) correction from previous lesson – when doing fetch water, arm remains in line with leg as hand turns
    Hand position – arm is straight at wrist area but fingers curve out and away from palm. Especially stretch middle finger. Do not slip back into L-shape at knuckles
    Arm out to start. Rotate as you bring the two triangles in simultaneously towards the ribs. Suggestion to put two bands on arm and bring the bands together as a guide. Once reach the ribs, rotate at hip to bring elbow up. Push out with opposite foot.
3) negative circle – arm is out, may be at various heights to start depending on form. Finger similar stretch-curve as above.  Set hand, rotate at elbow, shoulder pushing down (the switch) then bring elbow in. At the switch is then ready to move if necessary. Rotate body as hand goes out (down).
4) reverse reeling. Do not need to touch hand to elbow, that is for learning explanation
5) First steps after first single whip  (watch video

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