“Power-to-Hand Training” Online Video Class

by Kelvin Ho on 2020/05/13


Master Chen gave specific corrections to each student at the workshop for one specific move, which is called “sink the waist to press elbow” (煞腰压肘 sha yao ya zhou). Each student exhibited both common and individual mistakes that were corrected by Master Chen. This video provides a large amount of focused material for us to learn to send power to our hands.

See you online at 10 am on Saturday, May 16, 2020 at http://practicalmethod.com/2015/03/power-to-hand-training-online-video-trailer/.

About Kelvin Ho

Kelvin Ho, Master Chen Zhonghua's disciple, is the instructor for Practical Method Toronto. He has been teaching and promoting the Practical Method system in Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, Canada since 2011. He has received numerous medals in various Taiji competitions in Greater Toronto Area. He is also a vice-president of MartialArts Association Canada. Like his teacher, he feels an obligation to pass this great art onto others. Contact: kelvin.ho@practicalmethod.ca.

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