Fulltime Taiji Program on Daqingshan Mountain, China

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Fulltime Training Program on Daqingshan Mountain, Shandong, China

20150926_071834You can book professional, full-time training at any time of year on Daqingshan Mountain. Training is available for Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method and Hunyuan Qigong.

Daqingshan Mountain is located in a remote area of Shandong Province and is surrounded by nature for the ideal training environment. It is 20 minutes away by car to Wulian, the nearest township. The closest major city is Rizhao.

All of the information you need to book your immersive training experience can be found on this page.

Training dates, location details, and arrival arrangements

Fulltime training on Daqingshan is available year-round. To see Master Chen Zonghua’s teaching availabilities on Daqingshan, please check this calendar.

Location: Fulltime training occurs on Daqingshan Mountain Resort, Shandong, China. Once you book your stay, the staff at Daqingshan Mountain Resort are available to assist you in making travel and hotel arrangements to accommodate your trip to Daqingshan. Flights and trains can be arranged from Beijing, Qingdao, Rizhao, and Weifang.


Course contents

Fulltime training covers units from the following modules, depending on instructor expertise and availability. At least two of the following courses will be taught each semester to all students.

If you are interested in a specific subject in Chen Style Taijiquan or Hunyan, students can request to learn additional subjects on an individual basis.

  • Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Foundations
  • Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Yilu
  • Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Cannon Fist
  • Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Sword
  • Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Broadsword
  • Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Push Hands
  • Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Complete theory
  • Hunyuan Qigong
  • Hunyuan Silk Reeling
  • Hunyuan Sword
  • Hunyuan 24
  • Hunyuan 32

Extra Courses and Activities (optional)

  • Mandarin Chinese classes
  • China 101: on Chinese language, culture, and society
  • Authentic Northern Chinese cuisine served in the dining room of the Daqingshan International Hotel
  • Other forms of martial arts upon request.

10704254_818678818152486_4896852499692704564_oA typical day in the Daqingshan Mountain Resort Fulltime Training Program

  • 5:30 1st training session
  • 7:00 breakfast
  • 9:00 2nd training session
  • 11:30 lunch
  • 15:00 3rd training session
  • 17:30 supper
  • 20:00 4th optional training session – this session is optional, as there are frequently other get togethers, readings, and cultural events available after dinner.
  • Instructional hours:
    • 2 hours of formal instruction per day: 6:00 – 7:00 and 15:00 – 16:00  or  20:00 – 21:00
    • 2 hours of guided practice time per day

Instructors on Daqingshan Mountain

Master Chen Zhonghua and Master Sun Zhonghua both speak fluent English. Master Hong Sen speaks some English. Classes are taught in English, and most students are also English speaking. Chinese students normally come for short visits during the full time session.


  • Master Chen Zhonghua: Main Master
    Master Chen Zhonghua is the disciple of Grandmaster Hong Junsheng and Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang. He is the President of the Hunyuantaiji Academy and is Grandmaster Hong Junsheng’s International Standard Bearer. Master Chen is fluent in both English and Chinese.
  • Master Sun Zhonghua: Guest Master
    Guest Master Sun Zhonghua is the disciple of Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang. He is a famous artist and retired Chinese diplomat. Master Sun is fluent in English and Chinese.


All instructors on Daqingshan are disciples of Master Chen Zhonghua.

  • Chen Xu: Instructor
    Chen Xu became Master Chen Zhonghua’s disciple in October 2012. He is one of his most dedicated students, and lives full time on Daqinshan with his wife and son. He speaks basic English.
  • Han Rui: Instructor
    Disciple of Master Chen Zhonghua since May 2013.
  • Pang Chaoli instructor
    Disciple of Master Chen Zhonghua. Currently teaching at Rizhao Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy
  • Qiu Yingdong: assistant instructor
    Disciple of Master Chen Zhonghua. Currently teaching at Daqingshan Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy
  • Chen Zhengan: assistant instructor
    Disciple of Master Chen Zhonghua. Currently teaching at Daqingshan Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy

Who is the Daqingshan Mountain Fulltime Training Program for?

The Daqingshan Mountain Fulltime Training Program is designed to cater to individuals from outside of China. The course involves training in martial arts and Chinese culture in order to immerse the students in the culture. Instructors are selected based on their ability to communicate in English, or beyond language barriers for students who do not speak English fluently.

Throughout the duration of the Daqingshan Mountain Fulltime Training Program, you will interact with many Chinese students and visitors to the mountain. Whenever Chinese is spoken, it will be interpreted into English.

If you have an interest in learning martial arts in a fully immersive environment, then this is the program for you. Daqinshan Mountain is a training resort unlike no other, in which you will be learning martial arts on a cloud-shrouded mountain in a remote area of China. At the Daqinshan Mountain Resort, martial arts are taught in their unadulterated form, but in a modern facility.

Master Chen Zhonghua’s ability and teachings are completely unlike those of your average neighbourhood instructor. Students have often described their studies here as “out of this world experiences,” referencing their favourite martial arts movies to describe the magic of Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method.

No previous taiji training is needed to partake in this program. Master Chen and the other instructors will start you right from the beginning, and any bad habits learned at other training facilities will be eliminated during the course of your study.

This course is ideal for individuals who wish to grow their knowledge of martial arts, as well as those who simply strive to improve their health. Anecdotally, most students who undergo this program lose weight during their stay at Daqingshan, and many report feeling diminished symptoms of asthma, arthritis, fibromyalgia, knee problems, etc. as a result of their better condition.

What you will walk away with

Each student who attends the Fulltime Training Program on Daqingshan Mountain Resort will be given a Certificate of Attendance.

  • Fulltime Course Certification is given only to those who successfully completes three-month or more of full time training. This will includes the completion of the entire course contents, as outlined in course information.

Upon the completion of their studies at Daqingshan Mountain Resort, all students are also given extended access to the Practical Method website.

  • All students will be given access to select private posts for full-time students.
  • All students will be given free access to current and future posts and videos at www.practicalmethod.com and www.shiyongquanfa.cn that are “pay to view” for the general public.
  • All students who complete a three-month paid course will be part of a full-time access group. These posts have a value $500 USD.

20160401_162142Training facilities and supplies at the Daqingshan Mountain Resort

  • The main training area is an outdoor space located by Yulange Hotel. It can comfortably accommodate a class size of up to 20 people.
  • Alternate training areas include a 4000 sq ft indoor training center adjacent to the Wangting Hotel and a 4500 sq ft covered, multi-use space located in the Han Emperor Restaurant.
  • For smaller training groups, classes may be held indoors in one of four 700 sq ft multi-use rooms.
  • Weather allowing, there are many open areas on the mountain designed for outdoor training.
  • Training supplies: Swords, broadswords, long staff, and rubber cords are available for student use at no extra cost.

Tuition costs

Tuition costs are calculated depending on the duration of your stay. For special assistance with tuition, please contact
Gawain Siu:
email: gawain.siu@gingmo.com.au
Phone: 61 412920002

Fulltime rates: 

  • $5000 USD covers the entire 10-month training program from February to December
  • $3600 USD covers a standard 3-month training program (recommended)

8-2 week rates: 

  • $2600 USD covers a 2 month training program
  • $2000 USD covers a 6 week training program
  • $1600 USD covers a 1 month training program
  • $1150 USD covers a 3 week training program
  • $800 USD covers a 2 week training program

Drop-in rates: 

  • The daily drop-in rate is $65 USD. This is designed for people who are visiting or training elsewhere in China, or for guests who will be joining a fulltime student for part of their stay. The drop-in rate is available on short notice, but it is recommended to book ahead of time if possible.

Additional information about rates

Your tuition (as listed above) includes the following services on Daqingshan:

  • Your fulltime course tuition
  • Accommodations at the Daqingshan Mountain Resort based on a double occupancy room are included in your tuition
    • Single rooms available at an extra cost of $500 USD for 3 months or $150 USD for 3 weeks. (Other durations are arranged on a case-by-case basis.)
  • All meals and tea served on Daqingshan
  • Weekly shopping trips to the township of Wulian
  • Monthly trips to Rizhao
  • Participation at all Daqingshan seminars and competitions that occur during your stay

Your tuition does not include the following optional costs:

  • Convenience items such as coffee, bottled water, canned drinks, and snacks.
  • Next-day laundry is available for $0.20 USD for small items such as t-shirts and socks and $0.50 USD for large items such as pants and jackets.
  • Self-initiated weekend trips outside of Daqingshan,
  • Participation at taiji events not held by or on Daqingshan, or
  • Trips to Qingdao, Jinan, Qufu, or Mount Tai.
  • Meals are not included during your travels away from Daqingshan.
  • Transportation to and from Daqingshan is not included, but is available for a very reasonable price. These prices are arranged by vehicle, and you are more than welcome to time your arrival with other students to share the cost of a car or bus. (Prices for the bus are double).
    • $100 USD Qingdao airport pickup for up to 6 people,
    • $70 USD Weifang train station pick up for up to 6 people,
    • $40 USD Rizhao airport pickup for up to 6 people, or
    • $10 USD Wulian tran or bus station pick up for up to 6 people.

While the majority of your costs are covered while on Daqingshan, there are frequently other activities in China that students may choose to attend during the course of their studies. If the Fulltime Training Program group is to participate in any activity that will incur additional charges, consent will be sought from each student before any decisions are made.

Students are not required to participate in any extracurricular activities, although we do our best to make sure each student has the opportunity to do so if they choose.

Sign up for the Fulltime Training Program on Daqingshan

  • Deposit: To reserve a position at the Daqingshan Mountain Resort Fulltime Training Program, a deposit of $500 USD is required.
  • Final payment must be made 3 months before your planned arrival date. Payment instructions will be sent to you once your deposit is made.

To reserve a spot in our Fulltime Training Program, please contact  our International Coordinator Gawain Siu (see below).

Directly to Daqingshan:
Chen Xu: 18300360687  email: 418495999@qq.com
Daqingshan Hotel: 15863399555

Internationally via Gawain Siu:
email: gawain.siu@gingmo.com.au
Phone: 61 412920002

If you have questions for Master Chen Zhonghua, he can be reached at the following numbers.

  • Canada: +1 (780) 413-0454
  • China: +86 15954020070
  • email: 1684987990@qq.com


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