Morning Training at Da Qing Shan

by Pawel Mueller on 2014/08/12

From time to time there is this dense fog on the mountain. Actually that the clouds. So you could say we were in heaven. For all interested going there: Most days during my stay were sunny, even in march.

But this fog was great, too. So mysterious. Sometimes you couldn’t see more than 10m. Ask John Intervalo about it. He arrived in a very dense fog and couldn’t see most of the mountain for about four days. But what a sight after that. It’s so beautiful there.


About Pawel Mueller

I'm a guy with many hobbies and interests, but since I came across Taijiquan it became my anchor in life. I was always interested in martial arts, but Taijiquan felt for me like finding the second matching sock in a messy underwear drawer in the morning after you overslept a little, but need to be on time for an important appointment. Having been to Chenjiagou (the Chen Village) for 3 times now, staying almost 4 weeks every time and practicing in Vienna with my former teacher the decision of switching after 4 years of hard work wasn't easy... But I learned so much, it was really worth every pain my ego had to take because of the switching to PM. I feel as if I left a muddy bumpy road and finally reached the highway. So I'm about 100 miles into the PM highway and there are (I don't know) about 40,000 to go. I'm curious where this will lead to, but I'm positive that I'll enjoy the trip.

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