Taiji Traditions 2009 comments by Lyle Little

by lafeeverte on 2009/11/11

Originally written by: Lyle Little
I would like to thank Norm Magee and his wife for all the hard work and extras that they did on our behalf. Camp Shawnigan is a beautiful location nestled on Vancouver Island.

Attending the camp in the fall, the first thing that strikes you as you pull into the camp is the beautiful colors of the red japanese maples, the tall oaks and the canadian maples. As you take the walkway over the small hill the view that opens up before you is the spacious emerald lawn reaching to the lake front with green hills, evergreens and a clear lake surrounding you.  My first morning there as I sat on the benches over looking the lake having a coffee, I was awed as I watched a magnificent bald eagle soar up and then turn back and soar back across the lake.
The facilities were comfortable, clean and very well layed out. Any concerns I had previous to coming out of sleeping in cold, damp cabins were dispelled by the warm and comfortable dorm-style rooms. Everything was well maintained and clean. I noticed too that the camp is well designed for accessability for people of all abilities.  There was more facilities than our group had time to access, but it would be fun to come back and spend time in the summer swimming in the pool or playing on the waterslide on the lake.

This brings us the the best part of camp, the….. FOOD!!!  More wonderful home cooked meals than you can eat, although I did try.  My eyes were always bigger than my stomach every meal but the temptation to try a little of everything was always there.  You know the staff knew what they were doing because everything was cooked perfectly, from the fresh baked breads, to the moist salmon, the well seasoned pork roast and stuffing  to everyting inbetween. Every day we were greeted by warm smiles from Norm and the staff and they were always glad to help with any request or problem we had.

Thank you to Norm, his wife and the entire staff of Camp Shawnigan for all the sites, smells, tastes and memories that I will not soon forget.  I hope we get to met again.

Lyle Little, Tai Chi Traditions Camp

P.S. We did it Norm, number one in the west.  They made me work hard but it was worth it. Grey Cup is one game away and everyone is excited.  Go Riders Go!!

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